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We are Tot Arquitectura-IGNACIO GALAN SANTACANA,

An architectural studio located in the catalan town Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona).

Our office was founded in 1989 with the idea of ​​offering a rigorous and responsible service to local customers, but over time we have been growing and expanding our area of activity. The key to our success has been a methodology of teamwork and the cheapest advertising: word of mouth.

The quality of our projects is based on our own work methodology where we work together with clients and collaborators. Therefore, each project is unique and responds in the program, to the context, in the budget and to the ideas during the constructive process for the production of good architecture.

Tot Arquitectura Team

Ready to bring your projects to life

Ignacio Galán Santacana


Raquel Cuartero Rodríguez

Technical architect

Bartomeu Coll Vidal

Technical architect

Jordi Parcerisas Monclús


Joan Miquel Ribas


Carlota Cobos Norton


Oscar Cirillo


Núria Semis Ruiz



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